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Ace55 - 80 Days, Det. Med-large red fruits. Low acid. If canning use a pressure cooker or lemon juice
AGP-  This my name so I can keep straight. I have no description or varietyname. Sale $.50 each
AKW-   This is my name so I can keep straight. Seed of unknown variety or origin. No description available. Sale $.50 each
Amish Paste -  74 days Ind. reg. leaf, Red, 8 oz. canner, good producer. Great flavor as well as super canning properties. Outstanding. Don't let the wilt gene fool you. This is a tough 'mater. 
Amish Salad - 80 days indet. Reg. Leaf small Pink oval shaped tomato. Intense Flavor.
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red - 92 days- Indet Reg. leaf.  Disease resistant- Intense red color beefsteak- great flavor. 12-16 oz.
Anna Russian - 65 days - indet. wispy, reg. Foliage. 3" heart shaped, Pink superbly flavored fruit. From Brenda Hillenius of Oregon, whose grandfather rec'd. seeds from a Russian Immigrant years ago.   Produces over a long season.
Arkansas Traveler - 75 days - Indet reg. leaf - Med sized pink, sets well in high temps. Disease resistant. This is a real nice tomato. Released by the University of Arkansas in 1970.
Aunt Gertie's Gold - 75-85 days - Indet. potato leaf - Large plant, high yield of 8g-1# gold fruits. Some may be blemished but the taste of this variety is superb. Seeds to Chuck from a VA. friend.
AuntGinney's Purple - 80 days - Indet reg. leaf - Large plant, large pink fruit, great taste, Productive, German origin, from Rick Burkhart Indianapolis, IN, whose family has raised it for over 25 years.
Aunt Ruby's German Green - 75-85 days - Huge, vigorous indeterminate plant, with regular foliage and 12-18 ounce, light green, beefsteak type fruit; pulp is light green with bright "lime jello green" gel. Excellentflavor and texture, good slicer, or for salads. Blossom end develops aslightamber-pink tinge when ripe. THE OUTSTANDING GREEN VARIETY.
Aussie-   85 days - Indet. Red Beefsteaks. Full old fashionedtaste.>
Azoychka -   Indet - 3 inch round yellow fruit. Named after a Russian woman. 
Banana Legs -  75 days - Indet - Miniature pale orange banana shaped fruit are produced in pairs. 
Bear Claw - 85 days - Indet reg. leaf- Large variably shaped beefsteak with outstanding flavor. From the Ben Quisenberry collection via Fax Stinnet.
Beauty -  Indet. 75 Days. Red ribbed and scalloped fruits of 12-16 oz.
Beefsteak - A.K.A Red Ponderosa, Crimson Cushion, or Scarlett Beefsteak. 96 days - Indet - Large delicious red ribbed fruit on vigorous vines. This is said to be the original " Beefsteak". 
Believe it or Not - 85 days - Indet. Large bright red tomato can reach 2lbs.
BFT - This is my name so I can keep straight. Seed of unknown varitey and orgin.No description available. Sale $.50 each
Black from Tula - 80 days - Indet. reg. leaf Med sized very good tasting dark red fruit. This is larger than other blacks and has become the standard by which they are measured.
Black Pear -  Indet. 80 Days. Potato Leaf Has dark brown 4-6 oz. fruits.
Black Plum - 82 days - indet Six foot tall cherry. Good producer. Deep mahogany to brown color. Likes it hot and sunny.
Bonny Best - 66-82 days, indet. Canner. Red. Well liked in cool climates.
Bradley-   80 Days. pink, late season.  
Brandywine - 80 days - Indet. Potato leaf. This beefsteak has pink-red fruits up to 1 1/2 lbs
Brandywine,Red -  80 days, Indet. Reg. leaffoliage. Excellent flavor. Nice looking large fruit,  fairly prolific.
Brandywine Red (Landis) - 78 days - Indet. The fruits are about 8-12 oz. and has a high yield.
Brianna -  75-90 days indet. pink fruits.
Brown Cherry -  I have no description for this or variety name.
Bulgarian #7 -   Indet. reg. leaf 2-4oz. red fruits. Strong and sweet.
506 Bush-  62 days Det. bright red fruits, drought tolerant, Mild flavor with a hint of sweetness.
Burgundy Traveler- Indet. reg. leaf Deep pink fruits.
Burgess Crackproof -    80 days Indet. variety that has shown itself to be extremely crack resistant.
Burpee Delicious -     77-80 days - Indet., reg. leaf. Current world record at 7lbs 12oz. Excellent flavor and about normal production in a big tomato like this.
BWP -   This my name so I can keep straight. I have no description or variety name. Sale $.50 each
BWY -   This my name so I can keep straight. I have no description or variety name. Sale $.50 each
Cal Ace VF -  75-90 days - semi-det. Red med-large fruits. 
Calypso - 75-80 days - det. Red bush type. Bred for humid tropicalareas. 
"Caribe" - 70-80 days - det. Red med. sized Humid adapted.
Caspian Pink -   Indet. 80 Days. Originally grown in Russia between the Caspian and Black Seas.
Cherokee Purple -  80 Days- Large indet. reg. leaf plant shows good disease resistance; 10-14 oz. fruit, good producer, excellent flavor. Said to have originated with the Cherokee Nation. Maroon color with green shoulders.
Chesapeake - 70-75 days - Large indet plant with reg. foliage bearing a good set of 10-12 oz. red/orange globes with old fashioned, tart, tomato flavor. The folks at Meyer Seeds told Chuck this one was very popular in theBaltimore area years ago.
CHR - This is my name so I can keep straight. I have no description or variety name. Sale $.50 each
Costoluto Genovese - 80 days - Indet. Reg. leaf plant produces red copious fruit early. Old time flavor as well as appearance. Italian heirloom which impressed Chuck a lot.
Cuostralee -   (75-85 days) Rampant indet. reg. leaf plant, good producer of 1# deep red beefsteaks, excel. taste. This is a super tomato from France.
Djena Lee's Golden Girl - A wonderful yellow variety developed by the Indian Girl Djena Lee.  This was prominent along the routes of the Baltimore and Ohio as well as the Southern Railroads. Great fruity tasting tomatoes are borne in profusion.
Dr. Carolyn - 70 Days - Indet. reg. leaf cream-translucent cherry tomato. This variety was selected from a sport of the yellow cherry, Galina's, and named after the well known heirloom tomato,enthusiast, Dr. Carolyn Male. Great taste and production.
Dr.Neal -  Indet,  Reg. Leaf - 80 days - Med /Lg nicely formed pink beefsteak with the usual great flavor.
Dr. Wyche's Yellow - 90 days, Indet. Reg. leaf med- large excellently flavored deep golden fruit. Fairly prolific.
Druzba - 75-85 days, lg. indet. reg. fol. Very heavy set of perfect red ½ to 1lb. fruit, great flavor and an extended growing season combine to make this one of the prime producers in many gardens.  Don't overlook one. Name means "friendship"
Dutchman  -  80 days - Indet. regular leaf - Huge mid season indet. An old beefsteak, large and sweet, 1-2#
Earl of Edgecombe -  73 days - Indet. Reg. leaf, 2-3" round orange fruit. Firm, meaty flesh has good flavor. An heirloom from New Zealand. The heir to the title "7th Earl of Edge comb" went to England from New Zealand and brought this tomato back with him as well as his nobility.
"Earliana-"  Sparks Earliana - 65 days - Indet. reg. leaf- clusters of 3-6 oz great tasting red fruit.
Elberta Peach -  Look sort of like an Elberta peach but smaller. This variety may be quite variable from year to year. Chuck made no promises as to taste or appearances.
Ethel Watkin's Best -   A new outstanding bright red tomato from Steve Parton of Melbourne, Australia. For the more adventuresome. Further description deliberately withheld TRY IT YOU'RE GONNA LIKE THIS ONE
Eva Purple Ball -  60-70 days- Vigorous indet. Reg. Fol. with 6-8 oz. pink/purple globes which tend to drop from vine when ripe. Juicy, sweet, delicious, and unique. There are those who say this is the most beautiful tomato of all.
Evergreen - 72-80 days, Indet. convoluted med sized fruit ripens green. Very good mild flavor.
Firesteel -  67 days- Indet up to 15 oz. Disease resistant. This one has also been called The Marine C
Flammee! -  70 days-Indet. reg. leaf. A.K.A. Jaune Flammee 2-3 oz. Bright orange spheres. Very Productive from France. 
Floradade -  80 days - Indet. Reg. leaf. Red. Bred specifically for the calcareous soils of Southern Florida. Supposedly very disease resistant and prolific in hot weather. I was impressed by this one in 1996 but have not had an opportunity to grow it again.
German Head -   80 days, indet. reg. leaf. lg. dark pink beefsteak, solid flesh, exc. taste.
German Johnson Potato Leaf -  80 days - indet. Fruits are dark pink. This beefsteak is very sweet.
German Red Strawberry -   75-85 days- Indet. - Huge reg. leaf red strawberry shaped fruit with superb flavor and texture.
Giant Belgium - Huge sweet pink reg. leaf which bore only two fruits for me in '90, from commercial seed. Others praise it highly.
Giant Syrian -   Indet. Reg. leaf red. Good set of 3/4 lb good flavored heart shaped fruits.
Globe - AKA Livingston's Globe 85 days - Indet. Good producer of 7 oz mild flavored pink fruit.
Good Old Fashioned Red -  75 days - Indet. reg. leaf. This one is exactly what the name implies with one exception. It produces far more fruit than most of the old ones of this size. Smooth beefsteak fruit in the 12 - 16 oz range has superb, intricately balanced flavor.
Grape Tomato #1 -    80 days - Indet. Brilliant red elongated fruits. Very sweet, crack resistant and heat tolerant Sweet and juicy.
Great White -  Indet. reg. leaf-Large white beefsteak with mild flavor.
Green - 70 days- indet. reg. leaf very vigorous spreading plant, good fruit set, productive, cat faced and convoluted, amber when ripe, green interior. Not nearly as appealing as Aunt Ruby's.
Green Gage -  indet. reg leaf, 2-3 oz. bright yellow fruit (sometimes red). Has a strong, tangy flavor.
Green Grape -  70-80 days, det. green/yellow cherry. Excellent flavor, productive. Created by     Tom Wagner.
Green Giant - 85 days - Indet. Potato leaf Fruits are about 12-18 ozs. and are slightly softer and Chartreuse green in color.
GreenZebra - 75 days - Indet. reg. leaf - 3 oz chartreuse fruits with dark green stripes. Sweet, spicy flavor. Developed by Tom Wagner.
Gulf State Market - 78 days- indet. Old market variety bears good set of 6-8 oz globes. Still popular in the Gulf States. A good main cropper.
Hayslip- 75 days - Indet. reg. leaf - Lots of med/large red globes with very good flavor Seems to have considerable disease resistance.
Hillbilly- 75-85 days Indet. One to two pound gold/red bi-color beefsteaks. From Glenn A. Lanzer, 1415 North Wooster, Dover, Ohio. 44622. via Mercy Jane Cap. Sounds like the same as SSE versions but MJC says Lanzer got it from his Aunt Ruby, who died at 97.
Homestead 24-F -   75 days - Indet. - reg. leaf- low growing plant bears great looking red globes. This open pollinated recent development is included here because of its flavor as well as performance. Recommended by Jeff McCormack. Good production in hot, humid conditions. This one and Super Sioux have shown outstanding heat resistance.
Howard German -   (paste or canner) 80 days, Red potato leaf indet. meaty, elongated, about 8 oz. huge for canning.
Isis Candy - Indet. 67 Days. This cherry type has fruits about 3/4 in. The fruits are a yellow/gold with streaks of red throughout. Has a sweet rich taste.
Italian Heirloom - Indet. 70-80- Days. Red fruits weighing over 1 lb. Nice for canning
Japanese Trufele Black - Indet. 70-80 Days. Potato leaf. Blemish free and rarely cracks with fruits of about 4-5 oz. Originally bred in Russia.
Jersey Devil -  Indet. 80 Days. Fruits are bright red, long and tapered like peppers and about 4-6 in. long.
JFL - This is my name so I can keep straight. I have no description or variety name. Sale $.50 each
John Lossaso's Low Acid Ruby-  80 days. 8-10 ounce "smooth" flavored red. This flavor is quite different and intriguing. Ind. reg. leaved plant.
Jubilee-   80 days - Indet. Reg. leaf bears nice set of good looking yellow/gold slightly flattened globes. Good taste.
Kellogg's Breakfast - (75-85 days) Huge indet. Reg. leaf plant with a good set of 1# yellow/orange beefsteak type fruit. Very meaty, with excellent taste. 
Kimberly- 54 days - Indet. Potato leaf and has a high yield.
Kornesevvsije-  Indet. Reg. leaf 12-16 oz beefsteak Excellent flavor. Good producer.
Kosovo- 75-80 days - Indet. The fruits are deep pink and pear shaped.
La Roma O.P.-
Large Red -  From the Shakers in 1830. According to Fearing Burr, this was the first and only tomato cultivated in this country at that time. Indet - Reg. leaf red with excellent flavor.
Legend - Deter. 68 Days. Has large 8 oz. round glossy red fruits. Very resistant to disease and late blight fungus. Good in cool temperatures.
Limmony- 75-80 days - Indet. reg. leaf - bright yellow beefsteaks.
Livingston's Gold Ball - 75-80 days - Indet. reg. leaf, 2-3 oz. Golden fruits. Has a slightly sweet taste.
LPB- This is my name so I can keep straight. No description or variety name available. Sale $.50 each.
LYH- This is my name so I can keep straight. No description or variety name available. Sale $.50 each
Manalucie-   80-90 days -indet. Reg. leaf, Red fruits..
Manapal-   80 days -indet. Red fruits.
Manitoba-   60 days Deter. Bush type, med-large bright red fruits. Very early variety well liked in Canada.
Manyel-  70 days Reg. leaf, Indet. - Chuck's favorite yellow variety - Super production and a superb flavor with a hint of lemon make this clear yellow, not striped or golden. It holds on the vine for a long time and exhibits good tolerance to diseases as well. Manyel is possibly of American Indian origin and its name means "Many Moons" in an American Indian dialect.
Marglobe- 75-80 days (det) 5-8 oz. red reg. leaf exc. disease tolerance. firm walls, good flavor.
Marglobe Supreme - 73-77 days, Deep red6 oz. fruits. Developed in New Jersey 1917 by crossing Marvel and Globe.
Marlow Charleston - Indet. Pink- med-large tending toward acidity with a mild finish.
Martino's Roma - 75 days - Det. Rugose leaf. Great flavored heavy yielder of 2-3 oz Red plum type fruit This variety may produce the highest yield of all Roma types.
Matchless Austin - 80-90 days, det.
Mexican - AKA Mexican Potato Leaf - 85 days. 4-6" flat pink beefsteak.
Mexico - 80 days Indet. reg. leaf Excellent set of 1 lb. pink fruit. outstanding flavor.
Middle Tennessee Low Acid - 90 days - large, prolific, indet. reg. leaf plant bears mild flavored 1-2 lb. fruit, sweet. Recommended for folks who can't eat tomatoes with much acid.
Missouri Pink Love Apple - 78 days - Indet. Potato Leaf. Large pink beefsteak.
Mister Stripey,  AKA Tigerella - 70 days - Indet, regular leaf - A nice large gold and red bi-color that does well in a salad combined with Green Zebra.
"Mortgage Lifter Red - 80 days, Indet. Reg. leaf Although it is not truly an heirloom because it is a recent improvement on Radiator Charlie's by Jeff McCormack PhDs. This was Chuck's preference for the best of the "Mortgage Lifters". Red Mortgage Lifter carries far better than average resistance to diseases. It's a wonderful producer of one lb. and larger superbly flavored red fruit with the true beefsteak texture.
Mortgage Lifter Riegers -   80 days - Indet. reg. leaf pink. Much like the other Mortgage Lifter types.
Moskvich - (60 days) Very early, Sweet and juicy, small fruit A good early season variety.
Napoli - 75-85 days - det. typical Italian paste type. Med. size plant bears good set of very deep red color and high quality.
Nebraska Wedding -   90 days - Vigorous det. orange variety whose striking color makes it stand out in salads. Very god flavor.
Nectarine -   75 days Indet. reg. leaf - looks like a nectarine and has good flavor some years, but variable performance.
Nepal - 78 days, Disease resistant 12 oz. red indet. Redish-yellow, 6-8oz. sticky surface, mid season Beefsteak from Himalayan Mtns. Intense flavor, good keeper when picked green and allowed to ripen.
New Yorker - 65 days - Bush Beefsteak, med/small compact det. plant with smooth, meaty 4-6oz fruit.
Nyagous  -Indet. 80 Days. Fruits are smooth round 6-8 oz. and reliably blemish free.
Odessa - 85 days. Red. Very early, heavy bearer from Odessa Ukraine.4-6 oz. fruit on a deter. plant.
Old Brooks - 70-85 days. One of Chuck's personal favorites, Developed for adding flavor to sauce and paste. Indet. reg. leaf vines bear a nice continuous set of six to eight ounce red globes. Great texture and sharp acidic taste.
Old German - 75 days- indet. bicolor 1#+ luscious sweet flavor.
="">Olena Ukrainian - (75-85 days.) Rampant, indet. potato leaf plant, with excellent set of huge, beautiful pink beefsteak, up to 2#. Outstanding flavor. From Olena Warshova, Odessa, Ukraine.
Opalka - (85 days) Indet. reg. leaf. Wispy but vigorous vines, Good set of long, red fruit with a knob. Primarily for paste, but good eating qualities as well. Poland to Amsterdam, NY about 1900. Seeds to Carolyn Male from a colleague.
Orange Potato Leaf Cherry - Cherry, Orange, Potato leaf. Variety not know.
Oregon Spring - Deter. 58 Days. Med to large red fruits. Good for short tern gardeners. Tolerates cold very well and is nearly seedless.
Oxheart -  80 days Indet. Heart-Shaped pink beefsteaks with old fashioned flavor.
Paul Robeson- 75 days - Indet. The fruits deep maroon and med sized. Resists blemishes and cracking
Peach Blow Sutton - Indet. reg. leaf red/yellow and orange blend. This variety has sort of "tacky" feel to its surface. it's an interesting novelty comparable to Nectarine. There is considerable variance from year to year.
Persimmon- 85 days - Large plant bears very large orange fruit that looks like a persimmon. Excellent taste.
Piedmont VF - 75 days - indet. reg. leaf -Good produces of 7-8 oz. nicely flavored fruit.
Pineapple - 75-90 days - indet. reg. leaf, Large yellow beefsteaks with red streaks. A typical gold/red bi-color
Pink Cherry - Cherry, Pink, Variety unknown.
Plum Lemon -   Indet. Reg. leaf, 4-5 oz. Yellow to golden lemon like fruits. Mild tasting with a hint of citrus.
Polish - (75 days) A large, vigorous indet. plant with a fair set of nicely shaped good tasting brick red globes
Potato Leaf Red - This is my name so I can keep straight. No description or variety name available. Sale $.50 each
Principe Borghese -  - 75 days - Red variety used in Italy for sun drying. On the dry side, very meaty with few seeds. In dry areas the fruit bearing branches can be hung up in the sun until the fruit becomes leathery
Purple Calabash - Indet. 80-90 Days. Fruits are deep purple/burgundy with an almost ruffled look.
Pruden's Purple - 70-80 days - Deter. Huge, vigorous potato leaf plant with good set of pretty pink globes in the one pound range, excellent flavor and appearance. This variety is almost seedless. Has been aptly described as an early version of Brandywine. CV Pin
Red Cherry - (old fashioned red Cherry) 72 days- from before 1840. Very productive and heat resistant.
Red Gold Stripe - 80 Days Indet. Reg. leaf Yellow fruits with a pink blush. Good taste.
Red Pear  - 78 Days Indet. Cherry type growing in clusters of 7-9. Flavorful; and sweet. Great in salads.
Red Plum - Very prolific plum shaped fruit with a rich flavor.
Red Robin -  (60-70 days from seed) tiny , 8?10" tall, ½"orange-scarlet globes. Excellent taste, continues to bear over a long season. Grows well in6½" azalea pots. Very decorative and a good salad tomato. This one does amazingly well under fluorescent lights in Winter.
Rentita - Mid size red - Gorgeous rugose foliage- commercial seed from Hungary.
Riesentraube- Indet. Small reg. leaf plant with decorative, bushy foliage. Huge clusters of tiny blossoms bear bunches of 1" or smaller red fruit; Great flavor
RIE-" This is my name so I can keep straight. No description or variety name available. Sale $.50 each.
Roma - 78 days. This variety is not an heirloom in the strictest sense of the word but it is open pollinated and is often included in the heirloom category.  Old Brooks was developed specifically for adding flavor to sauce and does a good job of that. Martino's Roma is more prolific and the true old timer, Borgo Cellano is among the oldest from Italy. All three will produce good sauce with Borgo Cellano being the most flavorful and Martino's Roma the most productive.
Rossol VFN - (70 days) Det. Mid-season red Roma type tomato.
Rutgers -   70-75 days Reg. leaf Deter. Red 6-8oz. fruits, good canner with good disease resistance, developed by Rutger's University/Campbell's Soup as a cross between Marglobe and JTD.
Saint Pierre -   74 Days - Large round reg. leafed variety with outstanding flavor as well as good production even under difficult conditions. A good cold weather producer, very popular in France.
Small Red Cherry - Cherry, small, Variety unknown.
Soldacki -   (75 days) Indet. Vigorous pot. leaf, lg. dark pink beefsteaks 1#, well shaped, blemish free, exel. flavor. From Krakow, Poland to Cleveland about 1900, then to Albany, N.Y. Seeds to Carolyn Male from Carmen Artino.
Striped Beefsteak - Gold/ red bi-color. I have no other description.
Striped German - 80 days -Indet. Reg. Leaf - super flavored red/yellow bicolor with unusually well defined stripes, has good production too.
Stupice - (65-75 days) Indet. Tall, spindly, potato leaf plant with very heavy set of 2-4 oz. deep red globes, tends toward yellow shoulders late in the season, great flavor, This is a real garden mainstay.
Super Sioux - 70-80 days - Indet. reg. leaf. Very attractive red 4-6 oz red globes with excellent flavor. Did very well in extremely hot/dry weather. Outstanding!
Taps -   80-85 Days, Indet. Pink beefsteaks. Superbly flavored. It changes back and forth between reg. and potato leaf.
Texas Yellow - No description available.
Thesaloniki - (65-78 days) indet., 3" dia., 2" thick red fruit, good taste, good yield, Greek variety.
Tiffen Mennonite - (75-85 days)- Indet. Potato leaf- Large pink beefsteaks with outstanding flavor and smoothly textured flesh.
Tigerella AKA Mr. Stripey - 70 days - Indet. reg. leaf - A nice set of Red and yellow striped 3 ounce fruit that does well in a salad combined with Green Zebra. Created by the Glasshouse Research Works in England.
Tommy Toe - Red. Very popular Australian tomato. Reportedly resistant to both early and late blight. From Diggers via Steve Parton of Melbourne Australia. This is a cluster type, similar to those that sell for outrageous prices in grocery stores.
Totem - 70 days - Dwarf red with rugose foliage. 18 inch plant bears more fruit than foliage.. Great taste.
Tropic - 80-85 days. Indet. Reg. Leaf red, Highly recommended by Jeff Mc McCormack because of its disease resistance, particularly early blight. Did very well in hot summer.
Walter - 75-80 days - Det. Reg. leaf Med-large red fruits can be grown on the ground or with small stakes. Good for container growing.
WMB'- This is my name so I can keep straight. No description or variety name available. Sale $.50 each.