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Chuck Wyatt founded and created this site.  Please check out Donna's Bulletin board to find out about me.  I can not in good faith answer questions about the varieties.

The website and e-mail address is for ordering, comments and checking the status of orders.  Please make all comments to this company not other people or companies.  I can not correct the problem if I do not know about it.  My policy is to replace the variety in question or refund the cost.  I do remove the questionable variety once I find out about one.  Until I can find a reputable supplier and replace the variety.  In fairness give me a chance to make things right before you complain to other people, companies or post on bad seeds lists.  I would give you that chance.

I do not offer catalogs.  I do not substitute varieties. SEEDS ONLY

1. Introduction to Heirlooms

2. Chuck Wyatt's Bulletin Board

3. Hot Weather Specialties

4. Complete List of Available Varieties to Purchase

5. Varieties Worthy of Special Mention

6. Donna's Bulletin Board

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